Creating a new account means that you’re adding a company, a potential customer, to your database. Easily add contact information, create opportunities, and track your progress in the sales cycle. Our account-based system helps you keep all the important information in one place, including all related contacts, where it’s easy to find, track, and edit.

Note: When creating a new account, the system will automatically search the database to see if this account has already been added.

  1. Click Accounts and then the + icon to create a new account.
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  1. Enter the required information, Account Name, First Touch Source and First Touch Details. You can add Industry and Website now or later.
  2. Click Save. The Account pane opens to the Summary tab that presents many more information fields to fill.

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Note: Any locked fields (those that show a lock icon) will display calculated information from another source.

The Account page will be your main Account record showing you what Stage of the customer lifecycle the account is in and tracking related contacts, invoices, projects, opportunities, and subscriptions.

You will also see tabs for Details, Timeline, Contacts, Invoices, Projects, Opportunities, and Subscriptions, where you’ll add more information. The Related tab gives you access to an audit history showing date, time and user who made changes.

See Learn the Stages of the TekStack Customer Lifecycle for more information about how an account progresses through the different stages in the sales funnel.

Click Save to save the information and the X in the upper right corner to close the pane.


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