This article provides an example of an email cadence and a call script with an explanation of what to improve and why. 
Email Cadence
How to Make it Better

1.  The email is too long. Cut them down to ¼ the length. Most people make an immediate assessment if it's junk within the first second.  Assume people are reading the email on their phone so skip the white space and salutations. For instance, Instead of 'Hi Jenn, enter new paragraph,' just go with ‘Jenn, paragraph’ in one line.

2.  Emails are too much about company and not the buyer’s problems. Cut out what your product does. Focus on industry problems.  Ask if those problems exist.

3.  Looks like spam. Starting an email with a question will be an immediate delete. Leave the question to the end and only have one question per email. There should be a single call to action that. More than that won't stick in your buyer's mind.


Call Script

How to Make it Better

1. Shorten it up. Don't ramble and limit the "ahs" and "ums" to sound confident and quickly grab the buyer's attention.  

2. If you've made contact:

3. If you've gotten the buyer's voicemail and you've already sent an email, just reinforce the email you've sent. 

4. Always assume that voicemails are transcribed to text and emailed. This furthers the point of simply using the voicemail message as reinforcement for the email you've previously sent. 

5. If you're leaving voicemail: