TekStack recommends getting feedback from your customers after every support interaction. The Help Desk module can be configured to send a survey when a case is resolved. Just follow these instructions.

Surveys are sent using Microsoft Customer Voice, which is licensed separately from TekStack. Depending on your licensing with Microsoft, there may be additional licensing costs to use this feature.

Create a Survey

The first step is to create a survey in Microsoft Customer Voice. The "Support" template is a good starting point. Make sure that you create the survey in the correct environment.

Customize the survey to your preferences. TekStack will pass the following variables to the survey:

  • First Name - First name of the primary contact on the case
  • Last Name - Last name of the primary contact on the case
  • title - The title of the case
  • dscription - The case description
  • ticketNumber - The unique ticket number for the case

These variables can be used in the question and header text using curly braces like {{First Name}}

Create an Email Template

When you've finished designing the survey, you need to create an email template to send the survey. Click the "Send" tab for the survey and choose "Email".

From the "Template" drop down, choose "Create new".

Give the email template a name and customize it. You can insert variables in the email template. TekStack recommends adding the first question of the survey to the email template. For example:

Save the email template.

Configure TekStack

Next switch over to TekStack and navigate to Configure > Organization > TekStack Settings. Under the Help Desk tab, there is a section called "Case Resolution Survey". Choose your survey and email template. Set "Case Resolution Survey Enabled" to Yes.

When a case is resolved, the system will send the primary contact the survey you selected using the email template you selected. If you want to temporarily suspend sending case resolution surveys, toggle "Case Resolution Survey Enabled" = No.

Optional Configuration

You can optionally allow your support agents to choose whether or not to send a case resolution survey by using a custom case resolution form or case resolution quick create form. There is an additional field on case resolution called "Send Survey". This field has already been added to the case resolution main form and quick create form. In Customer Service Admin Center, if you configure cases to use either of these forms, the customer service agent will have an option to send the survey or not. The default is Yes, send the survey. Flipping the switch to No, will cause the survey not to send.

If you set "Resolve case dialog" to "Customizable dialog"

When support agents resolve a case, they will see:

If they toggle "Send Survey" = No, a survey will not be sent.

If you set "Resolve case dialog" to "Customizable dialog"

When support agents resolve a case, they will see:

If they toggle "Send Survey" = No, a survey will not be sent.