Every once in a while it would be a great idea to see how well your customers are enjoying your product and to get a general sense of the relationship that exists between you and them. One way to do this is to get the Net Promotor Score, or NPS, of the customer or account. The Net Promotor Score is a good way to gauge the loyalty of your company’s customer relationships.

To start, let’s go to an account where we are interested in getting their NPS. Click on Accounts in the left hand panel of your screen and select the account you wish to work with. We will be using The NPS Company in our example.

Once in the account, select the NPS Results tab. You will see the information below. To send out a survey, toggle the Send NPS Survey option to yes and click Save.

An NPS survey will now be sent out to all contacts associated with the account who have been identified as an NPS reviewer. To view this specific contact, click on the Contacts tab.

Once each contact marked as an NPS Reviewer completes the survey, the results will show accordingly. The values will also be calculated and you will be able to see a full picture of the Net Promotor Score per account.

The Total NPS Score is a predefined formula that is calculated based on the individual NPS Results. Different stats are also shown for the account to get a better overall picture. Listed at the bottom are all the NPS results that were completed for this particular account.

You can also view extra details for each NPS result by clicking on them individually.

Viewing the NPS results for an account is a powerful way of gauging how well your relationship with that company is thriving. With the above functionality, you can easily get the results you are looking for.