TekStack is releasing version 2024.3.1 which contains a number of new features and bug fixes.


TekStack Grid Filter Performance - The performance of grid filters had been improved. For long lists with many options, the filters could take a long time to load as every unique option was presented to the user. Now, only the first 250 unique options are displayed and the user can use the text search to look for other options.

Sort Date on Activities - Previously TekStack set the activity sort order for a discreet set of activities (Email, Task, Phone Call, Appointment, Outbound Activity). However, different customers are using different activities and some are using third party solutions that contain activities. Now we have added the capability to dynamically set which activities TekStack will set a sort order on. Check out the documentation for more information.


Monthy Price for Subscriptions on the Opportunity Line Create - Previously the Monthly Price was only available on the Oppportunity Line edit form, after an opportunity line was created. Now when you add an opportunity line for a subscription product, Unit Price and Monthly Price are both available on the form. Adjusting the Monthly Price will automatically update the Unit Price and vice versa.

Renewal Opportunity Teams Notification - There is a new Teams notification when a renewal opportunity is created. Since these opportunties are created automatically by the system, sometime account owners are not aware. Now, there is a Teams notification that will let them know a new renewal opportunity has been created.

Use Cases for Accounts - We have a table that can track important products and services for your customers and prospects, who currently services them, how widely used they are and how happy the customer is. Account use case provide the ability to create a map of a customer and document areas for expansion and areas where it's not worth your time. Read the documentation to learn more.

Unified view of phone calls and outbound phone calls - Phone calls and outbound phone calls are two distinct activity types. Previously, there was no means to see both in a unified view. Now, there is a new view that shows both in the same list.

Help Desk

Send a survey when a case is resolved - Previously TekStack setup custom Power Automate Flows for customers to send case resolution surveys when a case is resolved. Now, this is part of the product. Check out the documentation to learn more.


Time Entry Form Improvements - The time entry form has been improved to reduce the chance for error. By default, projects, tasks and roles are filtered and progressively displayed. Users have the option to change the view to select projects, tasks and user stories that they have not been assigned.

Project Gantt Improvements - We've added a context meny to the Gantt view to reduce the number of clicks required to add tasks, indent, outdent, etc.. The commands are the same as the command bar, but it is much faster to right click and choose the option that you want, rather than select the row, scroll to the command bar, and pick the option.

Creating from Template Notification - We've improved the notifications associated to creating a project from a template. While the project is creating, the user will see a message across the top of the project indicating that the creation process is still in progress. The message dissapears when the process is complete.

Project Status Explanation - We added an explanation rich text field under the project status fields to allow for narrative explanating the project status. The field can be displayed in the portal or included in automated project status reports.

Bug Fixes

8081 - Manual Outbound Email with out of office reply stays active

8141, 8264 - Timesheets stuck in updating

8228 - Closing outbound activity doesn't update the activity on the grid

8231 - Closing renewals with Specified Date throws script errors

8234 - Project Gantt dates changes don't save

8246 - Contact Conversion Source and Details are deprecated and should be removed

8247 - Role Price warning doesn't go away after the the role is updated

8251 - Montly invoices generate for expired subscriptions

8256 - Opportunity durations are not created when moving between stages

8261 - Refresh behavior on contact subgrid

8263 - Deactivated products can be added to an opportunity

8268 - Can't reopen an opportunity

8290 - Project tasks created from a template are missing a sequence number

8300 - Sequence counters are not rolling up correctly

8304 - Project managers can't update the account website

8319 - Data grid displays html tags

8339 - Script error creating a new section

8347, 8349 - Can't scroll to load more data on projects and project tasks